One of the things we bring to your shoot is not only an authentic location to experience your photos in, but the expertise of having shot there numerous times, making us efficient n knowing the best places to position you and us at different times of the day.  From urban to outdoorsy, we have you covered.  Here are a few examples of our different locations.

Sandias, bosque and the Rio Grande

Our Corrales location offers a little bit of everything we all love about Albuquerque.  The Sandias, bosque and Rio Grande :)

Downtown albuquerque

Having worked in downtown Albuquerque, we are incredibly comfortable to the many diverse looks the urban area has to offer for families, maternity and first birthdays!


Reserved for our Fall families only, our hidden location on the backside of the Sandia mountains that is full of red, orange and yellow fall leaves, with tall grass and a small mountain stream going through the area.