Hi beautiful!  First of all, don't be nervous!  Ok, well I know that probably didn't work me just telling you, so go ahead and be nervous.  Just for a little bit though, ok?  Just imagine this for a second. You go shopping, pick out some outfits you're sure your partner will love.  Pack it in your bag, with some of your favorite beauty accessories and symbolic reminders of your relationship with your partner (think their tie, jacket, favorite sports team, etc.) and meet us at our beautiful downtown studio, which has been customized just for you.

 Once inside you are met by your hair and makeup magicians, who you already know because you've been talking and emailing photos back and forth about the look you want to have.  We come and meet you as well but let you get in your chair and get completely made up with hair and make-up.  When you're all done you are brought back and your photo session begins.  You will be nervous, scared, happy and excited, but I promise we will make you laugh, help you relax, and will take the most gorgeous photos of you.  You will look at the camera on a few shots and most likely you won't recognize yourself (in a good way :) ) You change into a couple of different outfits, share some ideas you might have found or that you know your partner will enjoy, and we ensure we get those shots as well.

When it is all done you leave our stuiod feeling like a million bucks!  Since you are all dolled up, you call your partner and tell them they need to take you out tonight.  Maybe they know you got the shoot, or maybe it is a surprise, but either way they notice something different about you.  Not just your hair and makeup, but your confidence.

We primarily photograph mothers and wives in boudoir.  We are a family of 9 children and I know the value of remaining sexy for my husband through the years.  You are sexy too, even though you might not feel that way.  Getting dressed up and letting a team of professional mommies make you up and capture your photo will leave you feeling amazing.  

We believe by spoiling you that day, you will be so happy, confident and your truly beautiful self, that your photographs will be just absolutely amazing! We have worked with hundreds of women in a boudoir photography setting and we know the most flattering angles to capture you from and how to position you to highlight your best qualities, based on your particular body type and pretty features :)

When my husband and I started this business we did so because of our love of everyone's personal story. We decided that we weren't going to just take someone's photo, we were going to tell their story.  We take every one of our shoots with as much passion and love as we do when we are with our own family.  We love our big family and know the value of a photograph when we look at an old one of our children.  We want our clients to have that same love of the photos we take of you!

We also want to give the best and honest experience we can to our clients.  We have no hidden costs, and don't force you to purchase anything else at the end of the session to allow you to own your photos.  When you allow us the opportunity to photograph you and the ones closest to you, you always get us as a team.  2 photographs, 2 posers, 2 people to makes your kids or husband laugh, so that you can relax and enjoy the occasion.  We are big believers that laughter helps someone relax, and we try to use it as much as possible. If that doesn't work, we always have some candy in a bag to help win anyone over :)

We have made our prices based solely off of time.  And by time we mean the time we are actually photographing you.  We don't bill you for the time it takes to edit or cull your photos, the time it takes to deliver your photos, and we don't make you pay us twice by keeping your photos and having you pay again for a CD of the images.  We put you in control.  At the end of the day they are your story!  If you are on a tighter budget, consider booking us for less time, which reduces your price!

We love all of our clients and look at you as our friends, and want to give you a fair price for what we offer you, which is passion, professionalism, skill, love, patience and loyalty.  If you trust us in this, we are forever grateful. 

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Lindsay and Kyle