Family photos with the hartsocks'

Hello, my friend! I'd LOVE to work with you. Thank you so much for your message and your interest! We are so thankful to have your support:) I'm super happy you'd like a children's portraits/family shoot, my beautiful new friend. Family/children shoots are incredibly awesome. Our specialty!

They are always tons of fun (for us and our clients!) and produce such pretty photos. Plus, what a nice gift for you and the people you love the most to always have to treasure!

We feel so honored you found us us to create images that will help you to preserve your memories. It's such a privilege to even be considered to be a part of something so special :)

We work with many different types of families and children. We really enjoy having a variety of clients! And always see each family as a unique blessing.

Our favorite way to shoot families is to begin by capture you together as if we weren't there. For example, you doing what you normally do, laughing, playing, interacting. We begin shooting from afar and slowly move in as the kiddos become more comfortable and relaxed. We earn their respect and trust to photograph them. Beginning this way always makes them much happier to pose for some more structured shots throughout the session. Having both scripted and un-posed images for parents to enjoy is always a huge plus for clients!

Once you decide if we are the perfect photographer for you, our calendar is available for you to pick the perfect day!  We mostly shoot on weekends, so if you need a weekday shoot, please email us at

We want to get to know your family as well as we possible can before your shoot. It helps to make it go smoothly if our clients feel as if we can relate to them. We invest in you so you feel secure investing in us! Planning and great communication really makes a huge difference in creating a successful session! We want to be more than clients and photographers. We want to be dear friends! And watch your family grow throughout the years. Returning clients are our favorite. And absolutely receive perks for their love and loyalty.

Our prices vary from $500 - $800, depending on the length of the shoot.  We can do just your family or invite your siblings, parents and their families.  You pick the combinations and we capture their beauty :)  The more time you book, the more poses we can do :)

With our sessions you receive your carefully edited images and the rights to them. After your payment is complete there are no other fees. Everything is included in your original price! We want you to fully enjoy your phenomenal photo experience and your beautiful photos without the worry of any additional expenses.

We only schedule a select, amount of sessions each month, so we can focus on each family and give them the love and attention they deserve :) We also only schedule evening sessions, because it's the most flattering and soft lighting for our clients.

In the winter, because of the time of year, we normally choose an urban area for your session. Wilderness is a dead a bit dreary from mid November to late March. But, downtown always provides vibrant colors, impressive backdrops, attractive depth and interesting textures. Or, we are more than happy traveling to your house for a fun lifestyle session (always recommend in the colder months!) :)

If our rates do not match your budget, no worries! We also offer convenient and efficient quick shoots in our studio several times a year.  You can learn more about them at!

Excited to possibly work with you! :) Please let me know if you'd like further info. And, definitely keep in touch. Always here for you!

Love to you :)

Lindsay & Kyle