Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have any more sessions available?
    1. All Quickshoots are booked from our website at hartsocks.comquickshoot/.  As we make more available we will post them here.
  2. How long are the sessions?
    1. We allot about 5 minutes for each family.  In our experience this is more than enough time to get everyone posed just right and do capture (hopefully) a cute smiling photo.  If you think you'll need more time then this, please plan on purchasing more than one spot. We also limit this to 6 people for one session and they should be from the same nuclear family.
  3. How many people can be in the photo?
    1. 6.  Any more than this please purchase a second spot so we have enough time to accommodate everyone.  The 6 should all be in the same nuclear family.  For example if you want to have your kids cousins in the photo and you also want photos of just your kids and just your brothers or sisters kids, please purchase two spots.  If you are okay with just a cousins shot and there are less than 6 of them, then one session is fine :)
  4. Do you have a bathroom at your studio?
    1. Sadly we do not.  The shoots go very efficiently though, and there are restaurants nearby that might let you, but we don't have any guarentee's they will let you.  So sorry.
  5. Can I bring my dogs?
    1. Yes, but they have to be socially comfortable and very safe.  
  6.  How many photos will I get?
    1. About 10-30, just depends.  We give you almost all the photos we take, and let you choose which ones are best.  
  7. Do I have to purchase prints or products from you?
    1. Nope, they are yours to own and print how you please.  We do offer products but by no means must you purchase from us. 
  8. When will my images arrive?
    1. We will upload your images to you, and you should receive them within 24 hours, although we strive to deliver them much faster.
  9. Will Lindsay be there?
    1. For the most part yes, but remember we have a brand new baby.  If her needs arise, she might have to miss just a little bit.
  10. Where are the shoots located?
    1. They will be held at our studio, at 600 Central Ave SW #105.  Our front door is off 6th street, just south of Central :)  Parking available at 6th and Central and along the street.  Some private lots are paid, but some street parking is free.  
  11. How early should I be?
    1. About 5 minutes or so.  
  12. How cold will it be?
    1. Not sure, but we'll have an indoor waiting area :)
  13. What else are you selling?
    1. We offer lab quality 5x7 prints in the studio.  After your shoot, you'll pick what photos to print, and it will just take us about 5 minutes after that.  They are $2 each.
  14. I have a question that is not on here, what do I do?
    1. Email Kyle at please