Mothers Day Shoot Information

Don't forget the Mom when you come

Hi there,

Your shoot is coming up this Sunday, May 3, 2015.  It will be at Old Town Pizza, located on the northeast side of Central Ave and Rio Grande Blvd NW in historic Old Town.  The checkin will be near the front door but the shoot will be on the back patio.  You can of course eat lunch there, but you might want to wait until your photos are done so the cloths can be kept nice and clean.  

Remember that the shoot is about 5 minutes long, and it doesn't sound like much, but we did these over Christmas and do many more family shoots during the year and truly believe this is a great amount of time for kids and parents alike to capture you all.  We are no longer using thumb drives or CD's, but instead you will receive an email after the shoot (some could be within 10 minutes) of all your photos.  From there you can download one or all, or share them from that page.  They are full resolution and yours to keep forever.  From your schedule time we strive to have your in and done within 15 minutes of that point.  From time to time we might have a child with developmental delays or other issues that we will spend some more time with, but generally we work to stay on time so we don't waste your time.

Any issues at all finding us please email me from this address and let me know.

We are so excited to see you this weekend!  Also if you see our workers please tell them hi, they are all our kids.  We love to make these events a true family experience.

Lindsay and Kyle