If you are here, welcome!

Welcome to our first Real Women, Real Bodies photo shoot.  Please fill out the brief form below to help us ensure we are getting a diverse group of lovely and confident women! 

The purpose of this photograph will be to show off the amazing and diverse bodies and personalities of beautiful, local women.  We have not settled on specific clothing yet, but it will be more revealing or form fitting, as we are showing the uniqueness of who you are, inside and out.  You will have to provide the clothing but we will not be charging for the photographs, session, time in front of our lenses.

Name *
Please include any tattoos, piercings or other unique body art.
If you had to bring one item to be in the photograph that would describe who you are as a woman, what would it be? For example a nurse might bring a stethoscope that can tell her story of healing, listening, interpreting, etc. We want to show that women not only have different loving shapes, but also do so many important thing and come from different walks of life.
What do you absolutely get the most excited about when you get to experience it, or even just consider being able to experience it?
Please go to your profile on facebook and copy and paste the address so we see and connect with you there as well!
Can we share your pic? *
We want to publish this photograph on our webpage and other outlets to show all of yours and others beauty. Are you comfortable with that?