senior photos

The end of school is something that will never be forgotten.  One of the signals that you are no longer a kid,but now an adult, your senior year in school marks this moment.  We will capture you just the way you are and you'll have beautiful portraits that you and your family will look at and show others for generations!


natural smiles

Parents are welcome to come, but we also love to just have you and us (we are 2 photographers) walk around for the shoot.  The better we know your personality, the more fun the shoot will be  and you will enjoy the photos even more!  Outfit changes are usually no problem, and we encourage you to bring any other props that you want to be in your photos. Letterman jackets, basketballs, etc.

beautiful locations

We hand pick our locations and will usually spend hours there before hand, learning the light of the area, the different features and how to perfectly pose you.  Some of our locations are close to town, and some are a short drive away, but from the Sandias and Rio Grande, to the Bosque, vineyards and Downtown, we can give you lots of different looks to compliment your family and the look you are going for.

you own the photos.

Here's the thing.  We are not in the print business.  We are in the photography business.  The traditional way photographers make money is off prints at a high markup.  The modern reality is you can print your photos almost anywhere for a fraction of the price, so we refuse to charge you extra for the right to print your photos.  The price you pay us will include our time, 2 experienced photographers, and the printing rights to all of your delivered photos.  We don't cap how many photos you get either.  We give you every single good one and let you decide what you like the best.  We also promise you a 7 day turnaround to get your photos delivered to you, safely held on the cloud for 10 years after your photo shoot, so you can download anytime in the future, as many times as you want.