hartsocks toy drive

The Hartsocks' 2017 Toy drive is here!

We have partnered with the bernalillo county sheriff's office, whose deputies and social worker have identified 35 families that need our communities help to give their children a nice christmas.  community partners of the sheriff's office have already provided over 60 turkeys, household supplies and other needed items.  we are primarily in charge of getting all the toys for the kids!

below is a list of specific items the kids are requesting.  we would love if you could buy these items and bring them in wrapped to our studio and place under the christmas tree.  we'll have you identify the gift to one of our elves so we know what it is and make sure it goes to the right kid.  you can of course bring other gifts not on the list too.  last year we had over 300 gift donations.  it was so many the sheriff's office was able to adopt more families this year.  we need your help to make these kids have the most surprising and best christmas!  you don't have to be a santa customer to donate toys to us.  our studio is open every weekend from 9 am - 7 pm!

on december 21 sheriff's deputies will arrive at the studio and our elves will help load their cars with all the gifts, and the deputies will deliver them soon after!

The names are not here to keep their identity secret:)  please tell us what numbered kid you helped so we can cross them off the list :)

  1. She is severely involved with Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy. Family says anything will be fine. I suggest shirts that are loose size M, not baby toys but items that she can hold easily and will not hurt her if she brings them toward her face, brightly colored items.

  2. Anything horses, wants a blanket with horses on it, Movie called Coneheads from SNL days in 1980s, Horses, horses, horses

  3. (taken)Anything with crowns, queens, princesses, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories

  4. Anything, likes to eat at Wings and likes to eat Pizza (gift cards)

  5. (taken)Art supplies, music, reading and writing

  6. (taken)Baby clothes, will be 6 mos at Christmas, baby toys for a girl

  7. (taken)Baby Dolls and baby doll accessories, Barbies and Barbie Doll accessories, Nail polishes and accessories, hair accessories, likes everything and is easy to please

  8. (taken)Baby toys, baby cars, clothes size 9-18 mos. Infants.  For a boy.

  9. (taken)Baby toys, clothes size 9-18 mos. infants for a girl.

  10. (taken) Baby toys, size 6 month clothes for a girl

  11. (taken) Barbies, baby dolls, Shopkins, colors/art/coloring

  12. (taken)Barbies, Barbie accessories, Barbie house, Soccer

  13. (taken)Barbies, legos

  14. Basketball shoes size 9 1/2 Mens, likes the Lakers, likes books about History

  15. (taken)asketball, Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan

  16. (taken)Bath items, Make-up, Shirts Size Ladies Small, reading (Jennifer Lawrence Series????)

  17. (taken)Batman, Superhero accessories and figures

  18. (taken)Big legos for little children, cars, size 3T

  19. (taken)Cars, legos

  20. clothes size 1 womens, crafts, really enjoys baking.

  21. (taken)Clothes size 1 womens, obsessed with make-up

  22. (taken) Clothes size 5 or 5T, baby doll, anything for a 4 year old girl

  23. CLothes size Large Juniors, nail polishes and accessories, hair accessories, "Just Dance"

  24. CLothes size M, likes to read, jewelry

  25. Clothes size small Womans, Jewelry, make-up

  26. (taken)Dolls, Barbies, Jewelry, Art/drawing

  27. Dolls, tennis shoes size 9 1/2 childrens, wears size 4T in clothes

  28. (taken) Dolls, Wonderwoman, Catwoman, female superheroes and accessories.

  29. Drawing and Painting/Art Supplies, Reads a lot, Hair accessories, jewelry

  30. (taken)Drawing, barbies, reading

  31. Drones, basket ball, football, Broncos

  32. Ear piercings, lip piercings, likes to draw/art supplies/drawing paper, Big Hoodies/jogger Medium Women's size, likes oldies like classic rock.

  33. (taken)Electrical projects or sets, science projects, things he can do by himself, Art Supplies, Twin or Full size comfortable blanket

  34. (taken) Firemen, cars

  35. (taken) Football, 49ers, bicycles

  36. Football, model cars, cars (not hot wheels)

  37. (taken)Gift card kid, gift cards for food like McDonalds, Movie gift cards

  38. (taken)(taken)Girlie things, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories

  39. Girly stuff, craft sets and items, 5 Nights at Freddies games

  40. (taken)Harry Potter Books and characters and items and games, books, books, books

  41. (Taken) Hot Wheels, books, THomas the Train

  42. (taken) Interested in Architecture, Building model cars, geology, Planes, building things, on-line video games

  43. (taken)Journals, writing supplies

  44. (taken)Legos

  45. (taken)Legos, art supplies

  46. (taken)Legos, art supplies, cars

  47. Legos, Clothes size small or 8-10

  48. (taken)Legos, plush toys, enjoys reading

  49. Legos, wants a Tablet

  50. (taken) likes baby dolls, baby doll and pretend play accessories, Playdoh, basketball, she is easy to please.

  51. Likes Elmo, likes anything from PBS Kids, likes movement toys, likes musical toys. She has Down's Syndrome and uses a wheelchair.

  52. likes his phone, body spray, likes to work on his '89 truck ??? likes shoes

  53. (taken)Likes projects she can do herself, hair accessories, jewelry, Slime sets, nail accessories (does not wear make-up)

  54. likes the Mexican culture, likes horses, music and making music, plays the trumpet

  55. (taken)Lip glosses, jewelry, art supplies

  56. Loves anything to do with "5 Nights at Freddies", makes her own videos, Loves to paint/draw, art related, art supplies/class

  57. Make-up, clothes size 1,

  58. (taken)Make-up, nail stuff like polish, nails, accessories

  59. (taken)Mine craft, legos, Art

  60. (taken)Musical toys, 16-18 month clothes

  61. (taken)Nail polish, make-up, jewelry

  62. (taken)Not good at multi-tasking, likes to read (History, rocks, chapter books) Learning Disabled, Twin or Full size comfortable blanket.

  63. (taken)Pair of Uggh or Uggh type boots size 6 1/2, Journals for writing and writing supplies, art supplies, Comfortable blanket size Twin or Full.

  64. (taken)Peppa pig toys, baby dolls, pretend play, enjoys reading

  65. Photography, Jewelry, make-up

  66. (taken)Plays HS basketball for Rio Grande Ravens, favorite team Celtics, favorite team Green Bay Packers, likes football, doesn't ask for much

  67. (taken)Reading, book, baby dolls, pretend play toys

  68. (taken)Remote controlled cars/toys, basketball, favorite team is the Cavaliers

  69. (taken)Scarves slippers size M or L

  70. (taken)Skate boards, video games, bicycles, soccer

  71. Slime (products that look like crafts or play sets), cash register for play, tea party set, enjoys reading

  72. (taken)Slime (products that look like crafts or play sets), Hair accessories, Jewelry, enjoys reading

  73. Sports, clothes size Medium or Small, electronics, art supplies

  74. (taken)Sports, clothes size Medium, electronics, wrestling, football

  75. (taken)Sports, Soccer, Earrings, art supplies

  76. (taken)Sports/Soccer, Legos

  77. (taken) Star Wars, board games, puzzles (piece puzzles, box puzzles)

  78. Toy trucks, a bicycle

  79. Video games for Playstation 4, board games

  80. Video games for XBOX1 Likes items from military, law enforcement, Sheriff's Dept., etc, Pretend play items from law enforcement, military, fighting

  81. (taken) Wants and needs socks, art supplies/Drawing