Hello, lovely ladies! 

It's almost time for your romantic boudoir shoot. So excited for the Beautiful Boudoir event to officially begin! And, to capture all of you wonderful women.  

This page contains the information you will need to arrive to your pretty photo shoot and to possibly help you better prepare for your stunning session! 

First and foremost...You're a superstar! Your are uniquely perfect and impressively special. 

Not only are you going to do absolutely fantastic, you are going to have fun during your time with us and feel and feminine and gorgeous, just like you are! 

We ask that you please do not bring any guests to the shoot, simply for the privacy we strive to provide to the other girls (and you!) participating in the marathon.

The day of your session, will have many ladies joining us, off and on, of all different types, various ages,  unique lifestyles andbackgrounds. We primarily capture mommies and wives.  However,  we also work with a significant amount of well known professionals too -such as doctors,  lawyers and political figures. We require your promise to not disclose to others who you might have seen at our shoots, and we ask others to give you the same benefit.

So,  we always do our best guarantee them the utmost privacy, by only having our team on thepremises and a few possible other clients who are simply coming and going, briefly. This rule is the same for everyone. However, a guest is absolutely welcome to drop you off and pick you up.  Thank you so much for understanding:) 

We have created a list of suggestion to help you better prepare for your day and to help guarantee your session goes extra smoothly and successfully.

These are simply recommendations that we have found work beautifully, in the past.

1. Please avoid wearing tight clothes to your session. Opt for lose fitting outfits to avoid red marks and intentions tight clothes can leave on your delicate skin. You will have the opportunity to change into your preferred outfit before your session begins.  

2. (if you have hair and make up through us) Please come with a clean face. We have a professional hair and makeup artist at the location to make you look and feel your very best!

3. (if you have hair and make up through us) Please be sure that your hair is dry and blown out and preferably free of any products.

4. (if you have hair and make up through us) If possible, please bring your own base (foundation) as this will most closely match your skin. The stylist will have makeup and false eyelashes on hand, as well as hair styling tools – but if you prefer to bring your own makeup or tools, feel free to do so.

5. Don’t forget about your nails! Please remove any chipped nail polish or treat yourself to a mani and/or pedi!

6. Please try to wear clear deodorant to your session, or deodorant that will not rub off on your clothing.

7. (if you have hair and make up through us) Please get an idea of the look you’re going for by searching the web and finding pictures that you can bring to show our make-up artist. 

Also, if you come across any poses you see on the internet that you would like to try, please make sure you save them and bring them to the session! We will always strive to put any of your visions into play, among our own creativity. 

8. The up keep of your Eyebrows can drastically change your appearance. So, please be sure to have them shaped before your session!

9. Please don’t forget your heels! They accentuate and elongate your legs!

10. We encourage you to drink lots of water – it will hydrate your skin and make you glow! Drinking water also helps whiten eyes. If you are worried about retaining water, avoid salt a couple days before the session.

11. Don’t forget to shave! If you wax, please do so a few days prior to your session so that any irritation will have time to fade.

12. Please be sure to write down any skin allergies or makeup sensitivities you have. And definitely let the make-up artist know before she begins your beauty pampering.

13. Moisturize! Lotions and non-greasy oils are great for legs and arms. 

14. Please try to avoid tanning for at least 3 days prior to your session to avoid any redness.

15. Please make sure to try on your lingerie a couple of days before the session to make sure it fits properly. Also, make sure your bra straps are not too tight. And, that you will be wearing an outfit you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in. 
Don't just bring lingerie, bring some sexy clothing you might wear out on a date with your significant other.  We can take some sexy photos of you fully clothed that he/she will like just as much :)

16. Please back a bag of the outfits you would like to bring to the session, as well as any jewelry, heels, accessories or props you would like to include. For an added twist, we suggest bringing things that belong to the recipient of your gift such as a favorite shirt, tie or an item related to their favorite hobbies.

17. Please give yourself enough time to relax before you head to your session. If you feel rushed it may be difficult to put yourself into a relaxed mood for a successful boudoir photo session. We want you to forget all your worries – this is all about YOU! 

18. (if you have hair and makeup through us) please be sure to arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled shoot time to get started on hair and make-up. Be prepared to spend a few hours at your session (Don’t worry – its a lot of fun and the time will fly!)

19. Please be on time. And, we will strive to be, as well! However, if a cute client before you arrives late or a lovely lady needs a bit more time during her beauty pampering, it can set the entire day behind. We try to leave wiggle room for this, but sometimes it is unavoidable. So, please be flexible and know we are doing our best to shoot you as close to your scheduled time as possible. 

20. And, last, but not least, please remember to get a good nights rest! Being nervous and excited the day before is expected, but there’s nothing to worry about - you are in GREAT hands! We promise to take wonderful care of you and treat your experience and images with dignity, respect and professionalism. You will leave feeling fully confident and totally empowered! 

21. If you are participating in a mini session with us, please plan on one outfit. And, for a full session, two is ideal. Costume changes often disrupt the flow while capturing clients and takes away from valuable shooting time (which can result in less photos). Please wear your favorite outfit first, the one you would like to feature. And depending on the time remaining, you can quickly change into another look if you'd like. Less is more

The location of the shoot is at Hotel Andaluz.  We won't have the room number until that day, so when you arrive in the lobby please email us at kyle@hartsocks.com or text 505-886-2020 and we will come down to the lobby to bring you up or text you the room number :)

If you cannot find us for any reason, please call Kyle at 505-886-2020 and he will help get you there. 

Oh my goodness, I am getting so excited, just writing this! See you beautiful, incredible, amazing, brilliant, extraordinary, fabulous and gorgeous girls soon!  

All my love!